ECON300-0101,0102,0103,0104,0105,0106: Methods and Tools for Economic Analysis-Spring 2014 cramton

Economics 300: Methods and Tools of Economic Analysis [Syllabus]

Professor CramtonSpring 2014

The methodology of economics employs mathematical and logical tools to model and analyze markets, national economies, and other situations where people make choices. Understanding of many economic issues can be enhanced by careful application of mathematical methods. This course reviews concepts and techniques usually covered in algebra, geometry, and calculus, focusing on those elements most relevant to economic analysis. The course applies these mathematical concepts and techniques to model economic behavior and outcomes.

The course meets twice per week for a class session with the professor and then once per week in a discussion section with your teaching assistant. Class sessions and readings demonstrate the power of math to answer economic questions, stressing the reasons economists use math and explaining mathematical logic and techniques. Discussion sections demonstrate solutions for problems, answer questions about material presented in the online materials, the book, or the class sessions.

Students should be prepared to devote at least 4 hours per week outside of the class sessions and discussion section, primarily working on problem sets as well as reviewing materials and practicing techniques. Students with weak math skills will need to spend additional time mastering techniques.

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